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M & B Appointments & Pricing

Relax your way into and out of your session.  
After a thorough intake, receive full session time.  Move slowly and un-rushed at the end.  
It is advisable to schedule your session when you have some space and time for yourself afterwards.
30-45 minutes Massage (session time is up to 1 hour)

For the more sensitive or frail. $120*

1 hour Massage (session is up to 90 minutes)

Receive a full 60 minutes on the table. $150*

90 minutes Massage (session is up to 2 hours)

Receive a full 90 minutes on the table. $180*

90 minutes Massage with SE (session is up to 2 hours)

Receive 30 - 45 minutes of Somatic Experiencing, followed by massage. $180*

2 hours Massage with SE (session is up to 2.5 hours)

Receive 45 minutes - 1 hour of Somatic Experiencing, followed by massage. $210*

Initial Intake

We will explore your health history, current wellbeing, and outline short and long term goals30 minutes. $40*



Current clients and their referrals only.  
Must have your own adjustable massage table.

Within 40 minutes drive-time only: Min. $50 at $1/travel minute (both directions).

Enjoy all the benefits of healing massage and bodywork at your home or office if you have your own massage table or chair. 

(Travel fee is charged once for two clients, back-to-back at the same location.)


*A sliding scale is available for those in need.  

Ama would rather you come more often, as you need the work, and pay a little less per session.  Starting at $100/hr.

Please arrange in advance.


Pre-pay for 6 sessions and recieve a 10% discount

Mention this offer when you purchase.  

Transferrable for gifting! 

Use within 6 months of purchase.


Gift Certificates

Healing Massage & Bodywork is a great gift idea for your loved one, for any occasion.  

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