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Ama Greenrose Manasse, Certified Massage Therapist since 2002, helps to facilitate profound healing. Her work affects your core self, nervous and organ systems, and contributes to improved health, comfort and well-being.

Ama offers a holistic approach to Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Most sessions are an integration of various techniques drawn from a vast toolbox, gathered from over 20 years of trainings and practice.  Through a thorough intake process, each session is co-designed with clients, to best address symptoms, health goals and interests. 


Her specialties include certification in Oncology Massage in which she works with clients before, during, and after treatment for cancer; training in advanced Pre- & Perinatal (Pregnancy) Massage; scar tissue remediation; Vodder-style Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), as well as Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) for trauma resolution.


Primary techniques utilized include Swedish, Reflexology, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, still holds, joint range of motion, active and assisted stretching, guided breathing and visualization, and vibration healing (with music and/or a tuning fork).  In addition, her work is informed by other modalities, including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu and Trager (rocking, shaking and vibration).  


Clients have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a Biomat Mini, a far-infrared heating pad composed of amethyst and tourmaline (extending from shoulders to hips).


Aside from Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Ama offers Somatic Experiencing with the primary goal of assisting you in moving through and beyond present symptoms caused by past traumatic, overwhelming and stressful situations. 


Clients are witnessed, guided and accompanied on a gentle journey to help increase self-awareness, move stuck survival energy, re-organize and re-integrate the nervous system, build resilience and capacity to respond appropriately to stressors, and gather coherence to live from your core self and thrive in daily life in addition to increased function to deal with unusual circumstances.


Working through focus on your body in present time, and re-stabilizing ease and flow in the physical body, nervous system and mind, clients sit in a chair, lay on the massage table or stand and move. Most sessions include some combination of verbal interaction, touch, movements and exercises with playful tools. 

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Ama is a true healer.  I went to Ama after multiple breast cancer-related surgeries and not only did she help soothe and rehabilitate my body, she helped heal my heart.  She is knowledgable, skillful, caring, funny, and kind.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Sima Belmar, Ph. D. Lecturer
Dept. of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies at UCB


Ama's nurturing touch and loving presence allow me to relax deeply during her sessions, and return back to my life refreshed and renewed!

 Ellie Van Doren, LMT,
Ayurvedic Health Counselor at 
Wisdom of Ayurveda


In what he calls Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine promises that trauma and its physical effects can be removed from an individual – no matter their age, the source of the trauma or how long ago the trauma took place.

Traditional talk therapy and psychotropic drugs fail to make traumatized people whole again.

Practicing Massage Therapy, Ama Greenrose uses her healing hands to make Levine’s

promise come true for me. I am grateful to her for that. She can release trauma and

restore goodness for you, too.


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