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Massage & Bodywork

Swedish Massage

Long sweeping strokes and kneading, focus on decreasing muscular tension, increasing blood circulation and relaxation response.

Performed with client unclothed and using oil or lotion.

Myofascial Release

Resting gently into the conncetive tissues of the body that surround and attach all other tissues, unwinding happens and stuck areas open, allowing for more space and mobility.  

May be performed with client clothed or unclothed.


Finger and hand pressure is applied at certain points of the body, which correspond to acupuncture points, along the body's energy lines, or meridians.  Many points have been measured and researched by western science, and are confirmed for their benefits. 

May be performed with client clothed or unclothed.


Foot Reflexology

The feet represent a map of the body.  Using these related zones, direct pressure is used to encourage physical and energetic balance.

May be performed with client clothed or unclothed (socks off).

Energy Work

Use of intention for balance, health, homeostasis and the result of Highest Good.  You may call in your guides, teachers and healers, and your Higher Self, to assist us in the session.  This may be done at the start, end, or along the way of a massage session, while other techniques are being employed.

May be performed with client clothed or unclothed.


Joint Ranges of Motion & Active and Passive Stretching

Ama will guide you into a movement or position, will assist you in a movement or position, or she wil resist you doing a movement.  These are done to stretch tight muscles, to ease cramps, to decrease pain and to increas range of motion.

Polarity Therapy

Love energy is the foundation of this work.  Resonance is used, holding certain areas of the body at the same time.  This technique taps into vibrational healing. Polarity draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Osteopathy and Chiropractic.

May be performed with client clothed or unclothed.


Oncology Massage Therapist

Ama is certified in Oncology Massage with a 300 hour program from Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA, with Isabel Adkins, as well as many additional hours of study and training.  Whether you have just been diagnosed, are currently in treatment, or are years beyond, I am honored to work with and support you in your process.

Pre & Peri-Natal Massage Therapist


As your body grows and changes, strains and compensates, as your heart and mind prepare for the life-changes you are heading towards, come in for some well-deserved comfort, relief, and nourishing support.  Trained by Carole Osborne in working with women at every stage of pregnancy, including the "4th Trimester" and beyond.   

Manual Lymph Dranage Therapist

Ama studied Vodder Technique of MLD.  With very light, rhythmic, and directionally focused strokes, gentle pumping in lymph node areas, and specific deep breathing exercises, we move, and visualize the movement of, lymph to assist your body in processing any extra protein-rich fluid build up.  This is great if you have a compromised lymphatic system from lymph node removal, surgical or radiation therapy scarring that blocks the pathways.  MLD encourages waste removal, decreases swelling, reduces pain and supports immune function.  It is very relaxing and calming for the nervous system.  A great technique pre- and post-surgery.  

Performed with client unclothed.



"I've been seeing Ama Greenrose for bodywork on and off for over a decade. Her style is very integrative of the many modalities she's studied and mastered. I feel completely at ease receiving her touch. It's both strong and gentle, intuitive and deeply attuned. She's definitely a healer!"

Uma Kahn, Somatic Psychotherapist

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